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Kharnatsang’s Heart Mantras are currently on their way to all commonly known online distribution platforms for streaming and purchasing. They are already available here:

Some platforms do not accept bilingual titles, so you will most probably find the music with an artwork in English only (see down right). If you would like to get the artwork, either in English only or in its English-Tibetan version you are welcome to download it below. The Tibetan script says the same as the English title and reads: Nyingpo Namsum. Kharnatsang.


Heart Mantras: Musicians

The Heart Mantras of the Bön tradition have been arranged and recorded in Germany, November 2018. A big thank you to the musicians for their joyful participation and commitment to translate the mantras into musical language:


Main and backing vocals recorded at Strothmann studios, Essen, Germany.
Instruments recorded at the studios of the Institute for Computermusic and Electronic Media (ICEM) of Folkwang University of the Arts by Arthur Jogerst.
Postproduction at Strothmann studios.
Final mix at ICEM studio 2, by: Ch. Strothmann
Artwork by Kharnatsang (idea) & Rebecca Ter Braak (design)